Overview of thermal transfer coatings

      Guangzhou city Chong californium Digital Technology Co. Ltd., focusing on the heat transfer printing industry for nearly ten years long, has been quite mature at the technical level, our thermal transfer coating solution suitable for ceramic tile, glass, ceramic, stone, metal, crystal, and high temperature resistant material such as wood, coating after rigorous testing for many years, has been resolved the problem of poor adhesion, abrasion resistance is not good, users generally reflect all aspects of adhesion conditions are very good, the customer's repurchase rate is as high as 98%.

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Independent research and development experience

In 2005 to join the heat transfer industry has been the research to develop heat transfer related products, is a kind of interest, let the heat transfer coating process is often the gift industry, supplies, building materials industry in 2016 to join the background wall of main development project, mainly used in ceramic tile, glass, metal, marble, wood floors, etc..

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Easy to use

Direct spraying, bubble coating and spray coating are easy to operate.

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Environmental protection practical

Long shelf life, non-toxic, high utilization rate.

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