3D background wall multifunction machine (duplex)

Brief introduction: 3D background wall multifunctional machine (double) - the company developed a practical and efficient type, can be printed tiles, glass tiles, marble, wood, PVC, calcium silicate board, metal plate, ceramic tile, thermal transfer crafts and so on!

Optimization of entrepreneurial projects - Guangzhou cf a background wall machine can make every kind of background wall, diverse styles, a variety of choices available to customers, backdrop a huge market demand, the annual housing area are constantly improve, people demand for interior decoration is more and more high grade Home Furnishing life experience has also been improved then, a delicate background wall is the inevitable choice of Home Furnishing decoration, a family also needs at least 5 pieces of background wall: TV backdrop, sofa backdrop, bedroom walls, entrance walls, dining room wall, a wall californium machine, can produce the 3D effect of the background wall style, let the whole let life be Home Furnishing picture is true to life, a beautiful landscape.

3D machine 1

A 3D background -- californium wall equipment multifunctional legendary stone as the point"

The use of ceramic tile processing into general market on a beautiful backdrop, TV backdrop, sofa backdrop, entrance, screen, 3D floor painting; a piece of glass, tempered glass is processed into a glass wall, glass screen, closet sliding door, glass floor; artificial marble, natural marble, and other materials can be made uniform background wall with background painting, crafts, picture etc..

3D machine 3


Universal transfer is not legend!

3D background wall multi-function machine, to achieve a single machine, easy to get a variety of processes, Machinable products, many varieties, the effect is good, for you to lay the foundation for easy business.



  Engaged in the transfer printing industry more than ten years of professional and technical experience, so as to operate, use, energy saving, success rate. Temperature control aspects are personalized design, simple operation, simple maintenance, basically do not come home service.

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Super function

TV backdrop, sofa, backdrop, bedroom, backdrop, dining room, backdrop, entrance, backdrop, floor, floor, 3D, 5D floor

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